Exploring Classes & Workshops

Exploring Classes & Workshops


  • Are you caught in a rut and have been trying to find something new to keep yourself busy?
  • Have you always been one of those people that insists you do not and will never have an artistic side?
  • Have you been wanting to discover and explore new mediums of art that you haven’t considered?
  • Have you been afraid of participating in our classes/workshops because you don’t know what to expect?
  • Here is a detailed description of our education community letting you know what you should expect when you sign up for a class!

Our art education at The Artists' Showplace is unique because it is a community where local artists with similar interests can come together to explore their artistic boundaries.  Artists come together to make new friends and learn from talented and well-known artists and instructors.  All of our art instructors are incredibly qualified and world renowned.  Many of our workshop instructors are flown in to Dallas to teach and our students fly in for the occasion.

During a class or a workshop, students can expect instructor demonstrations, and then students will go off on their own to create/paint/etc. after each demonstration.

We offer all ranges of classes and workshops- (beginner, intermediate, advanced)  We also offer all mediums!

So how do you sign up?

  • Register in person, or by phone!  
  • We take $75 deposits in advance when you register early!
  • Full payment is due upon register.
  • Full details on class/workshop registration is available on our website.
  • Visit the workshop/classes tab on website or stop by to pick up a full detailed flyer.

Call us and explore your creative boundaries!  We are looking forward to hearing from you!