Introducing Our NEW Blog!

Introducing Our Blog

Welcome to our brand new, The Artists’ Showplace, blog! 

The gallery is excited to announce that our blog will be a new outlet to reach our art enthusiasts and creatives! Our blog will be an informational tool for visitors to further learn about our featured artists and their work, and our classes, workshops, and wonderful instructors!


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What is a blog?

-       A blog is a section of a website that is regularly updated. A blog will provide information of interest, usually written informally.


What should I expect to see on the blog?

-       Our blog will be inclusive about all things of The Artists’ Showplace Gallery and local art events. This will include:

·      Highlights of our events, classes, and workshops

·      Featured artists and their background

·      Artist of the month

·      #SnapshotSaturday : which will feature a different work of art in our gallery every Saturday

·      Testimonials of artists and students; from beginners to advanced!

·      Many more exciting things to come!


What will be the difference between The Artists’ Showplace website and the blog?

-       We intend for our blog to be a community and a network. Our blog will be both more detailed and informative, but also collaborative and interactive.

-       Art lovers will be able to leave comments and network with both us and each other.


What will happen when I subscribe?

-       If you choose to subscribe to our blog, you will receive email notifications whenever a new post is written and updated to the website.


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We are SO excited about the launch of our blog, and we hope you are too! As always, thank you so much for your support!



Hayley ChowComment