May 2-5, 2018    

9 AM-4PM



Course Description

In this four-day workshop, students will be working with life models every day under the direction and guidance of renowned portrait artist Xiang Zhang. On day one, the instructor will do a demonstration with a life model in the morning, and students will start their portrait paintings in the afternoon. On days 3 to 4, students will continue their portrait painting exercises with different models every day. There will be a critique of every artist's work on the morning of day three.

About the Instructor

Xiang Zhang is a professional artist in the United States, with his main body of work being figurative subjects including American cowboys, dancers, and portraits. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China in 1982, and taught at the Communication University of China (formerly the Beijing Broadcasting Institute) from 1983 – 1986. Zhang received his Master of Fine Art degree from Tulane University (New Orleans, LA, USA) in 1989. Upon graduation he designed the set of Wagner’s opera “Flying Dutchman” for the New Orleans Opera House. As the head designer at Blaine Kern’s Artists, Zhang proceeded to design over 300 Mardi Gras Floats for the world renowned Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans, LA.

Zhang’s oil paintings were featured in the books “Western Tradition”, “Texas Tradition”, “A Collection of Portraits” and “The Master Works of Distinguished Chinese Oil Painters”.


• Oil Paint (any brand):

Alizarin crimson.    Yellow deep      Cadmium yellow      Yellow ochre Viridian green     French ultramarine      Payne’s gray      Titanium white

• Brushes (any brand):

Filbert  or  Flat

#2   two

#6   two

#8   two

#10  two

• Palette knife:

Medium size     one

• Canvas:

16” x 20”     Three

Odorless paint thinner & a container

• Paper towel:     one roll