March 23-26|  $400


Through demonstrations, slide presentations, and individual instruction, we will begin the workshop with representational painting and evolve toward the underlying abstract principles that are the core of paintings. There will be a painting demonstration every day with a new theme. Each day we progress toward a more design oriented work.
Also include are techniques for using opaque watermedia using white and black acrylic gesso as our medium.Expect to bring to class subject matter that reflects the natural world. Lakes, rivers, mountains, trees, closeups of natural subjects.If you need more info please contact


Dale Laitinen has been roaming, hiking and painting the Sierra Nevada and the rest of the west for much of his life. His work extends from wilderness subjects of mountains, deserts, and canyons. His “Engineered Landscape” series, depicting dams, bridges, and roadways, reveal the aesthetic contrast between the man-made and natural.

Laitinen is a Fine Art graduate with a concentration in painting from San Jose State University. His depth of knowledge of the landscape is a result of many years as an independent long- haul trucker traveling the country. Having survived the trucking life, in 1985 he turned to full-time painting and teaching and has pursued this line of work up to the present day.His popular workshops are held throughout the United States.

Dale is represented in several galleries in California, and continues to be published in numerous art periodicals and books. He is the author of “Blue Shadow Country”, a self published book featuring his paintings, currently available from and “The Language of Landscape”, and “Landscape Essentials” are his teaching videos currently available through and

Dale Laitinen lives and paints upcountry in the western Sierra Nevada.