Ted Clemens

The Texas landscape and people are of the most interest to Ted in regard to subject matter. But mostly for him, it’s about light and shadow, and how to produce the effect or grab the character of what he sees. Familiarity with the subject is also important, which puts him on site as much as possible. He carries pen, pencils and sketchbook everywhere, and paint box won’t be far away. A camera would be quicker (yes, he does carry one of those, too), but, he says, to capture the contrasts of a rapidly changing sunset with colored pencils is much more rewarding. 

Born and raised in New Jersey, Ted grew up surrounded by Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Meyersville. A graduate of Watchung Hills Regional High, he went on to pursue an art education at duCret School of Art in Plainfield, NJ. A career in graphic design took him first to Utah, then Texas where he now spends as much of his free time as possible in front of an easel. 

Ted and his wife, Becky raised three children in the Lone Star state and live in Sachse. “Doesn’t matter how well you draw or paint - creating isn’t just pretty pictures. It’s heart and soul. I quoted the apostle Paul’s words from Romans 1:20 on the home page of my website - the passage about God revealing his ‘invisible attributes’ in the things he has made. The landscape, buildings, people - in addition to this battling artist trying to figure it all out in line, shape, value and color - God claims credit for every bit of it. It’s a picture of his heart and soul. ‘What does this mean?’ I had to ask. Painting alone would be enough of an adventure. But there’s so much more than what the eye sees.”