Shubhangi Mantri

Shubhangi Mantri is a freelance artists based in Denton, Texas. She has a degree in Interior Design and began her study in oil painting. After raising two children, Shubha pursued her art again. Artists Jo Williams, Leo Smith, and Jane Jones introduced and motivated her towards the medium of watercolor. Currently she works from her studio at home. She has had the opportunity to attend workshops with national artists such as Katherine Chang Lui, Fran Larson, Alex Powers, Doug Walton, Don Andrews, Stephen Quiller, and Christopher Schnick. She also enjoys traveling the world.

Her paintings have focused on various themes such as flowers, landscapes, buildings, and clay pots. She has used her artistic imagination by painting the blue prints of houses. She transforms the blue print of the front elevation of the house into watercolor. Presently, she has taken a liking to the gestures of Indian classical and folk dance. Shubha feels that to pursue any dream, one has to give time and have perseverance "For me, this entire experience has been very involving. On the one hand, painting keeps me thinking of the principles and elements of design. On the other had, it is a highly intuitive and personal experience. After completing a painting, I feel that this is my way of looking at the world, my unique perspective. Nothings gives me more satisfaction than critiquing my own work."