Sara Joseph

Sara Joseph is a painter, sculptor, and author.  Her artworks, created in multiple media, are in numerous  corporate and private collections around the world. Born in India, her early art training exposed her to the artistic traditions and rigor of the East.  She immigrated to the United States with her husband, Jacob, and raised two sons. 


A resident of Fort Worth, Texas, she is the author of the Christian Artist Resource website, an online resource for Christian artists internationally, as well as a changing gallery of her own contemporary Christian art. Sara has a BFA from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India. Her early training was in watercolor, in the restrained style of the East. That restraint followed her for years, even though she was exposed to freer expression in watercolor at the Rhode Island School of Design. Transparent washes of luminous watercolor fascinated her for a long time, as she honed her ability to capture the world around her, without any thought to content, or meaning. 

When she dug her fingers into moist terra cotta clay, she was captivated with this new dimension of exploration. For six years she worked in earthenware and terra cotta, grappling with the challenges of figurative sculpting using live models. Making the transition to her current favorite medium of polymer clay was almost seamless. Polymer clay affords the opportunity to work in color and yet build in three dimensions. Sara Joseph wields the clay like paint, then throws in the surprise of depth, by building up and out of the support, creating colorful relief sculptures. 

"Regardless of the medium I use," she says, "if the content is without meaning, I feel I've missed an opportunity that I may never get again.” 

So with conscious intent, Sara works at translating all the events, impressions and understanding of her human experience into multiple media to best express the story from the Bible that she has only one lifetime to tell. 

She is passionate about encouraging others to boldly trust God with their artistic aspirations, availing of every opportunity to speak to young, hesitant Christian artists, as well as to those skilled and experienced.

Her book, Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey, was the 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Gold Medal Winner for Christian Non Fiction and Illustration. It is available at Amazon and other retail bookstores.


 Drawing from the Well, Polymer Clay, 20x24”