R. Morris Patterson

Robert Morris Patterson was born in Temple, Texas in October of 1958. Since he lived in Temple for three days, he calls Austin, Texas his home town. At an early age Robert was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe and he knew he was going to be an artist. He began drawing landscapes and animals among other things he found interesting.

At the age of 15, he was introduced to fellow artist James Boren. With a lot of encouragement, art supplies, and a stack of Boren prints, Robert began his career. He was heavily influenced artistically by many nationally and locally known artists such as Melvin Warren, James Boren, A.D. Greer, Dalhart Windberg, Joe Rader Roberts, Gary Lynn Roberts, and some association with G. Harvey. He studied and learned many of his techniques from these well-respected and talented individuals.

In the early days of his career, Robert both worked in a foundry and owned his own gallery. This valuable experience in the art world has helped to shape him into the artist he is today. He works in various mediums, from watercolors, oils, pastel, acrylic, pen and ink, and palette. Most of his paintings are Texas Landscapes but he also does some western historical renderings as well as illustrations, murals and portraits.

Robert is proud to have several paintings hanging in the Texas State Capital. Many prominent Congressmen and Senators, as well as other distinguished Texans, have collected his artwork. Robert's paintings are a part of many fine art collections throughout the fifty states.

Now that Robert is in his 40’s and has raised two bright and wonderful children, he spends half his year in the cool weather of Oregon. As Robert modestly and quietly said "I have room for improvement, but a lot of time ahead of me, God willing and the creeks don't rise.".