Feb 13 10:00am - 4:30pm


April 8 10:00am - 4:30pm


Workshop Description

Bring graphic designs or art to use or consider copyright free alternatives on site while learning how to build a collagraph plate to print. Texture variations and possibilities will be reviewed.   A second plate will be constructed using an alternative method in printing. You will print approximately 2-4 times printing on papersEach student is required to bring their own tools and supplies, along with pictures or drawings they favor.



Kenna Boles Prior, North Texas Artist/Freelance Designer.  Kenna began her career publishing in crafting and textile periodicals until exposed to printmaking.  Printmaking, while it is not her only love, she is constantly trying different techniques focusing on textures and conflicts of subject matter.  Her provocative work is often redemptive in subject matter, rousing emotions of conflict seeking resolution. She often incorporates textiles and found or forgotten objects into her work by image or by using the items themselves.  Kenna owns The Purple Farmhouse, and teaches special events, classes, and custom workshops.


Supply List

  • Sintra Board
  • 140lb hot pressed watercolor paper 22 x 30 (1 sheet for multiple prints)
  • Quality Paper towels
  • Red pen
  • Saral or transfer paper
  • Acrylic sealer spray
  • Assortment of textiles, textured papers, and pliable found objects to consider.  Variation is key!
  • Foil, inexpensive
  • Printing Ink

Instructor will have on handfor student usage:

  • Assortments of texture items to consider for usage
  • copyright free designs
  • Brayers
  • Small Press