Paula Pillow

In her studio in Grapevine, Texas, Paula Pillow explores images, shapes and patterns using water media. Her background in painting, quilting and fiber art is a natural connection to her ability to infuse a sense of color, pattern and movement into her work. Through her use of line and color, she captures an element of the unexpected and explores the visual textures.

She uses transparent layers and patterns to develop the negative space surrounding the focal point in her paintings. A new pattern or layer emerges and sets the stage for the focal point to stand relatively untouched. The process of creating a new way to view the image motivates her.  

“The freedom to start with abstract shapes that become the foundation for more realistic images is the beginning step in my creative process. The destination is not known, and it is the journey that is exciting.”

Paula studied art at Texas Christian University. She is a signature member of the Society of Watercolor Artists, the International Society of Experimental Artists, and the International Society of Acrylic Painters, and is a member of the Southwest Watercolor Society and the National Pen Women League of America. She has been in juried shows in Texas, Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, and Florida, and has won multiple awards. Her work has been published in Mary Todd Beam’s book The Creative Edge: Exercises to Celebrate Your Creative Self.