Nancy Sims


“The canvas is the place where my song and my dance are captured. It’s where I share those feelings that li me o the ground. I may not be able to put these feelings into words, but I can certainly share them through my paintings.”

Sims’ statements o er only a partial view into her artistic depth.
She always makes a conscious e ort to get close to her subjects before she undertakes each painting. Nancy’s style and medium are varied, as she works just as easily in oils, acrylics, or pastels.

One of Nancy’s most memorable works is a een foot mural that was commissioned by MAPCO, Mid Americas Pipeline Company, in Tulsa for their corporate headquarters. is magni cent piece covers a curved wall, and re ects the company’s energy interests with a rather impressionistic view of the Earth’s strata. Nancy says that she mentally painted that mural for three months before actually beginning.

Nancy was born in Washington D.C. and although she studied at SMU in Dallas and Dewey College in Spring eld, she truly feels that she is self-taught, as she could not nd answers from her professors, but only through her own mind’s eye.

Beginning in 1967, Nancy began showing her work at Fort Hood, Texas, where her military husband was stationed, and she took rst place in their annual competition. She then continued to actively show in the following galleries: Gallery 26 East, Tulsa; Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, Old Queens Gallery, Highland Park; Waggener Gallery, Denver; Southwest Gallery, Dallas. On October 10, 2010 she passed away.