Mixed Media Fun!

Maribeth Jagger

Maribeth Jagger

Mixed Media Fun!


July 14, 2018

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Course Description:

This is a totally FUN way to create a unique piece of art, using all of those art and craft supplies and products you have collected or seen and don’t know how to use. (Colored pens, paints, papers, stencils etc.) This will show you how to use them to build a cohesive and totally personal work of art using layering and glazing techniques. The techniques learned during this workshop can be used in creating Art Journals as well.


About the Instructor:

Maribeth Jagger has painted most of her adult life, having received her degree in art from Northwest Florida State University.

Her art reveals a great deal about her life and passions. Long, rolling country roads disappearing into the distance; lively colorful cottage gardens; quiet, pristine woods in the snow; or energetic close-ups of the majesty of nature: each painting conveys a feeling of joy and whimsy. Her art is a representation of the beauty she sees in the world around her as she reduces the subject to its most elemental and powerful components, and invites the viewer to step into that world.

She primarily works with alcohol inks as she feels they vibrate with a purity of color, fluidity and energy that’s hard to replicate with other mediums. "I love the vibrancy and spontaneity of alcohol inks. Much like watercolor, the inks can be controlled and manipulated, but I usually let them take the lead, then I'll jump in and manipulate them to develop my subject creating a balance between a loose fluidity and a tighter realistic subject which allows the viewer to complete the story and experience his own emotions."

An avid hiker, Maribeth spent six days hiking solo on the Appalachian Trail in 2014. She will continue her hike in 2015, immersing herself in nature and finding inspiration for creating her art.



1) One or two wooden 8 x 8” cradle boards (Hobby Lobby: $5.99 each)

2) A small bottle of Liquid Matte Medium (NOT glossy!)

3) Paper scraps (magazine pictures, words, quotes, pictures of texture/lace, art paper, etc to use as a collage layer) - enough to rip up and cover each board

4) A photocopy print of one or two pieces of art you would like to use as your main subject (can be from a coloring book or your own art) approximately 5 x 5”. Printed on regular bond paper.


*Instructor will supply everything else needed.*