$385 five day workshop

Course Description

How to plan a great design; uses of color, focal point and movement; how to work with tile, glass and ceramic pieces including yard sale ceramics & broken dishes to complete a project. How to properly score, break, cut, nip, grind and shape tiles to fit your design.

Getting the best adhesion and proper application of glue; The picassette process of reusing found items in mosaic; The grouting and sealing process; How to create durable waterproof & outdoor art for your garden.

You can provide your own base and tile/glass/ceramics and garage sale cups/plates etc. Base can be any non-flexible material such as a ceramic or plastic planter, wood or plastic bird house, wood or plastic tray, pitcher, vase, jewelry box, wood cross, heart or smooth flat picture frame, cake stand, small table top or hard board 1/4". These can be home-made or purchased from Hobby Lobby or Michaels or garage sale items. Please note wood bases & wooden birdhouses cannot be used for outdoors.

About the Instructor

Lyn Haney studied drawing and painting in college where she developed an appreciation for design and color which she now uses in her mosaic process. She has taught art through several avenues including Celebrity Cruise Lines and independent students who loved her work and had a hunger to learn. Lyn frequently shows & sells her work in Arbor I Canton Trade Days and in Art Fairs & Competitions with success. Although she always begin with a design in mind, She has found that mosaics have a life of their own and often take her on a journey to find harmony and balance within each piece. Lyn loves to teach and always has in mind how to help others reach their goals through the creative process. 

Purchase tips for tile & ceramics:

Small quantities of stained glass & small assortments of mosaic tile; tools and wooden bases can be purchased for premium prices at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and other fine art stores. However on‐line for bulk or expensive items is recommended except for glass & tile. The shipping costs for glass & tile are often prohibitive due to the weight. Try any tile shop and the discount Floor & Décor or Seconds & Surplus/Builder’s Supply in finding tile & glass choices. Standard floor tile tends to be thick and less attractive for projects. You may be able to find shower glass tile in thin sheets of mosaic squares and these are desirable options. Don’t forget the Good Will stores for beautiful dishes at a real bargain. 

tuesday through saturday

session Dates: 

3/21, 3/22, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25



Tools you will need:
Glass Tools Value Kit from Delphi ($36.95) includes:

  • Safety Glasses
  • StudioPro Pistol Grip glass cutter
  • StudioPro running pliers
  • StudioPro Breaker/grozer pliers
  • Stainless steel cork‐backed ruler
  • Plus a 2‐wheeled tile nipper (Home Depot) $14 (found in the grout/tile accessories section)

Other Supplies:

  • Foam backed placemat (smooth dinner mat) Walmart/department store
  • 2 paring knives – recycled/used/dull will be fine (dollar store)
  • Sub‐straight to work on: A vase, birdhouse, jewelry chest or flat wood or backer board that is rigid/non‐flexible. For flat work get at least 14 x 14 but not larger than 24 x 30 inches.
  • A variety of tile & dishes (some of each for practice & enough for starting your design)
  • At least one sheet of Stained glass (Michaels/Hobby Lobby)
  • Weldbond (21 oz) or Power Grab Adhesive in a tube (Home Depot/Lowes)
  • Shoe box; small whisk brush (to clean your table surface;
  • Paper towels, Paper, Pencil, and a Marker to draw your design