Linda Litle

Linda Litle is one of Central Texas' better-known artists. Galleries in Irving, Austin, Midland, and some as far away as Florida and New Jersey have found an eager market for her work. Her subtle pastel paintings contain a bounty of color, energy, and liveliness that add a tough of cheer and grace wherever they are hung. A unique combination of impressionism and realism, these paintings express the beauty and the delight that the artists finds in the world and in the people around her. Litle has devoted a lifetime to the study of painting. She has traveled widely, living many years in France, Austria and Japan, where she studied and honed her personal style.

Litle's work hangs in the permanent collections of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, the Rathaus in Schwasbish Hall, Germany, the offices of Peat Marwick & Mitchell, the Interfirst Bank in Wichita Falls, and in many private collections in the U.S. and Europe. She has exhibited and won awards in major shows across America. Now living in Texas, Litle devotes herself to creating her beautiful works of art fulltime.