Figurative Nude

Every Wednesday

7 PM to 9 PM

Long Form Pose

Every Thursday

7 PM to 10 PM


$20 to participate

*Thursday Night Life Drawing doesn't begin until June 1st


Been meaning to draw more? And meet great people too? Do both!

Come relax and learn with us at The Artists Showplace!

The main purpose of these meetups is to provide a wide variety of figure drawing opportunities. 

Absolutely no experience is necessary, just a desire to explore your creative side! Our aim is to provide a warm, supportive and inspirational environment for all who want to join.

These sessions take place in our eclectic gallery, a fixture of the north Dallas art scene for nearly two decades, creating the perfect atmosphere to create a drawing state of mind. Share and learn from people in a casual, friendly environment. 

Each week there will be a Wednesday night meetup and a Thursday night meetup. Wednesday night emphasizes rapid poses over 2 hours, and Thursday night emphasizes a single pose over 3 hours.

We hope to see you soon!

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What you'll learn FROM this figure drawing class:

Life Drawing Meetups are open to everyone. Artists may set up and work at their own pace. Chairs and easels are provided. 
Important Things to Note:
Participants must agree to follow a few guidelines during the Figure drawing session. Appointed monitors reserve the right to refuse drawing to anyone not adhering to the guidelines below:

  • No electronics with cameras, and all phones silenced throughout the figure drawing session. NO PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • Water and Wine are provided. 
  • Clean up after yourself. 
  • Respect the gallery space and artwork. 

Q: Are Materials Provided and Included in the Cost of the Class? 
A: No, please bring along paper, pencils, charcoal and erasers or whatever your preferred medium is. Chairs and easels will be provided.

Q: Is there a hands-on instructor?
A: Yes, but the class is mostly self-guided. 

Q: How many poses are typically provided by the model during the Wednesday Class?
A: As a warm-up for the first 30 minutes of each class are quick, two minute gestural poses. After that is a 30 minute pose, followed by two 45-minute poses. This is the typical format, but not necessarily what is done 100% of the time. If you would prefer a more relaxed setting where you work at your own pace, you should also attend our Thursday Life Drawing group. 

Q: How many poses are typically provided by the model during the Thursday Class? 
A: For the Thursday Long Form Life Drawing group, the model will retain the same pose for 3 hours, and will return the following week with the same pose. This allows participants to work over the course of two weeks to finish. Timing is broken down into segments with a 5 minute break every 25 minutes, and the model returns to the original pose after each break. If you are looking for a variety of poses in a single session, you should also attend our Wednesday Life Drawing group. 

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