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$200 Four day workshop


Course Description

Artists will explore methods of creating paintings using oil paint mixed with cold wax as a medium. This process differs from encaustic wax painting in that cold wax is applied without using heat. Applications of tube oil paints are mixed with cold wax and layered to create abstract or realistic paintings. Scraping and carving into the layers brings interesting results. We will experiment with textures, marks, shapes, lines, and color using a variety of tools.

About the Instructor

After retirement from teaching Mathematics for over 30 years, Kathy Elliott began her adventure engaging the right side of her brain. Starting with watercolor and realism, she moved into abstraction with collage, acrylic, and oil and cold wax. She has taken numerous classes and workshops both locally as well as out of state since 2007. Her  oil and cold wax training has been with Rebecca Crowell, Lisa Pressman, Cindy Walker and Melinda Cootsona. Kathy's work has received awards in local as well as international exhibitions. She continues to study and learn new techniques, trying to capture all that has eluded her, and loving the surprises that come with experimentation.

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

session Dates: 

9/20 - 9/23


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