Judith Strite Campbell

Beauty, love, and motion portrayed through colors, values and design are favorite themes in the paintings of Judith Strite Campbell.

When she was quite young her interest in art became a driving force. After graduating from Rollins College, she moved to Paris, France where she indulged in museums and French studied. She then went on to Switzerland to study art at the famous art school, the Allegemeine Gewerebeschule in Basel, where many classes were held in the Basel Museum of Art, better known as The Kunstmuseum. After a couple of years of studying art in Europe, she returned to Florida where she taught humanities at the University of Miami in Coral Gables while completing her master’s degree. While at the University she painted in oil and did etchings. In Miami she joined a group of artists that were on the leading edge of acrylic painting. 

She then began to paint large non-objective paintings using the acrylic medium. She was represented at that time by the Berenice Steiner Gallery at the Jockey Club in North Miami, the Metropolitan Museum of Miami, the Baker Gallery, and the Grove House in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Then began several years of moving. First, she went to Nevada where she obtained a degree in counseling. Then, she spent a couple of years in Missoula, Montana, before moving to Annapolis, Maryland where she was affiliated with the Naval Academy. She enjoyed painting in oils at St. Johns University when not involved with Academy events.  

When she moved to Lexington, Kentucky she found that it was the perfect location to inspire her many horse paintings. While in Kentucky, she exhibited her art at Turfland, Doctor’s Park and had many paintings purchased by the State of Kentucky for sale in their many arts and crafts outlets that where located on the scenic highways. 

Opportunity called, and Judy moved to Ft. Pierce, Florida where she owned, operated, and renovated the Riverhouse Hotel located on the intercoastal waterway. She showed paintings at that time at her hotel and at the Fort Pierce Art Gallery. She was also invited to paint at the studio of A.W. Backus, the then Artist Laureate of the State of Florida. During this time, she learned many valuable techniques of landscape painting from the master himself. From time to time she entered competitions and received a number of ribbons and prizes. 

She then moved to Texas to become President of ALD, Inc. dba Cook Machinery Company for the next 20 years, which was a plant specializing in sheet metal fabrication and the manufacturing of commercial washing machines and dryers. But, not being able to resist the art world, she became one of the artist-owners of The Highland Park Art Gallery in Highland Park Village. Several years later she founded the Artists’ Showplace Gallery. Many other wonderful artist-owners joined her through the years and a beautiful dazzling gallery was created.