Joaquina Yuste

I was brought up on the sunny white sand beaches of Alicante, Spain, surrounded by the beauty of creation and the sounds of gentle waves and gliding white sea gulls along this picturesque Mediterranean beach. When I least expected it, I met and married an adventurous New Yorker who swept me off to foreign lands.

As missionaries we were led to go to Indonesia and Japan to share God's love and help the needy for 17 eventful years. In Japan I worked for years on a film production project creating and sewing costumes. I thoroughly enjoyed myself because there among needles, threads and sewing machines I discovered a creative side I didn't know I had. My life journey then led me to live 11 years in Mexico surrounded by a most colorful culture and folklore. While in there we served and assisted three orphanages, a home for the elderly, a children's hospital with cancer patients and also low income families.  It was in Mexico I began painting with acrylics as a hobby.

As the years passed my favorite pastime evolved into a lifestyle and passion. In 2010 I moved to the United States where I continued to paint using various styles and techniques. Gradually the textured technique of using gesso captured my imagination and my creativity blossomed on canvas. I enjoy this style immensely and the feedback of my clients and friends confirmed my leanings. Although I continue to explore the endless art forms and techniques, I have fallen in love with the lifelike dimension of textured painting. My heart's desire is to create colorful pieces that express my love for color and originality.

I create original pieces, replicas or I can customize any of my paintings with different colors to match your color palette. As I served many years abroad helping others I have decided to continue supporting needy causes. A good portion of the proceeds of each painting I sell will be donated to an orphanage we worked with for 11 years in Mexico, "Al Abrigo de Dios".  I look forward to being able to brighten up your homes and lives with my artwork.