Shae White

Born in China in 1997, Shae spent the first three years of her life in an orphanage in Beijing until adopted in 2000 by American parents and raised in the United States. Her love and talent for art was discovered at an early age, as seen by the complex geometric designs she often created. These designs translate into her art today, producing unique and edgy acrylic paintings which entice the mind to take various roads when studying White’s work. Her mixture of cultures, both Asian and American, can often be seen through this self-taught artist’s pieces. 

White’s first show was in early 2014, where over ten of her unique paintings were sold. During that same year, with the assistance of international artist, Dominic Pangborn, she published her journey, combined with her artwork, in a beautiful hardback book entitled, Beijing to America. Her hope is that this book will impact the lives of other adopted Asian children and help them understand that through their adoption, they have been given a great opportunity, even though they will struggle to find their identity while maintaining their Asian heritage. Also in 2014, four of her works were curated and published in Volume IX of the International Contemporary Artists Book, New York, New York. In 2015, selected pieces were published in the HT Art Magazine of London, England. 

Currently a student at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, White is majoring in Product Design. Her long term goals are to build and manage her own design firm and art gallery in which to display her works of art, as well as those of emerging artists, for the surrounding community.