Gao Dagang

Gao Dagang taught in the painting department at the School of Art and Design of Guangzhou University. He is known as an associate professor, director of master guide, Chinese abstract artist, association director, and founder of GDG art space. Gao Dashan has held sixteen personal exhibitions, including "A02". This special exhibition included a acollection of German Chancellor Schroder's private selections, oil painting works collected y the CPC Central Committee General Office, Jiangsu's Provincial Art Museum's collection, collections from The Olympic Arts Center, collections from Nanjin's classic gallery, and archives from other institutions in Guangzhou. 

Awards and Honors:

2001 - Selected in China Oil Painting Exhibition

2002 - Chinese Academic Painters Exhibition

2005 - Personal Exhibition of Art Academies in Fujian province

2008 - Fine Guangdong Lingnan Famous Exhibition

2011 - National College Teachers of Fine Arts Exhibition

2014 - Phantom Internalization - Abstract Painting Exhibition