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February 4th - March 4th

Reception February 10th 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM


In his large-scale watercolors, artist and creative director Stephen Zhang freezes fleeting moments: an old man caught in the moment or intriguing light deep in the forest. On the subtle level, Zhang hints at the grave concern that the current state of nature may change permanently, and he builds the portraits with layers of stories and emotions. Growing up in China, Zhang is influenced by Chinese Daoism. As a result, he has a special connection with watercolor due to its organic process and captivating appearance.

Primarily working on large sheets of paper stretched on frames, Zhang combines influences from both classic Chinese and contemporary arts. Zhang has exhibited internationally and has been featured in international art publications. His work has garnered awards from prestigious art associations including the Transparent Watercolor Society of America and the American Portrait Society.