Cheryl Smith

 Art has been a personal endeavor of mine for years. Through all my life's journeys whether it was directed toward my personal or professional life, I would keep turning to my Art and the desire to paint. I have traveled down many Artistic paths each time directing me and inspiring me to continue the one desire to paint and share my love of Art.

   Through all of my experiences with painting I have been blessed with the opportunities to paint and work under some great Painters. I have tried different mediums but found myself turning to the medium of Oil. I love the fact that a painting can be created in one sitting, wet on wet, or you work on a painting for some time and the result is always rewarding in the end.

  I believe you can never stop learning and always try to improve your work. My Paintings are created with things that capture my eye, whether its Still Life, Landscapes, or capturing a persons personality.

  I hope my work intrigues and captures your interest as well!


Oil Painters of American- OPA

Outdoor Painters Society- OPS