Barbara Keilson

My dog Sammy was my first oil portrait in 2012. I picked up a photo, picked up a paintbrush, and saw him come to life in a painting. It was incredible. Recently Sammy passed away after a long and hard illness. After a brave fight he passed away in his sleep. It was heartbreaking. In my grief I experienced first hand why it is so important to have a painting of your favorite pet on the wall. I didn’t know how I was going to make it without my four legged best friend. At first, I almost took his painting down so I wouldn’t feel the pain of loss every time I looked at it. But I just couldn’t take it down… he meant everything to me and I wanted to still be able to see his face. I waited and after a couple days I experienced a real gift. When looking across at his painting I felt the connection of our hearts as strong as ever. I know he will be in my heart always. Sammy was and is pure unconditional love. I sincerely want to be a part of helping other pet owners stay close to their missed pets. I am committed to keeping the bond alive for all pet owners. Please contact me if you are considering a dog portrait.


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