Anastacia Sadeh

My work, in a broad sense, reflects my love of process and mark making as an emotional conduit.  I am very drawn to the availability of feeling within most marks. Behind my own marks rests a myriad of emotions and thoughts- some concrete, some subconscious. Their objective is to gather a deeper awareness of their existence and then process them as needed.

I use primarily use acrylics, graphite, and charcoal both on paper, canvas, or wood panel to express the feelings that accompany trying to live an authentic life.  I need to express my mental and emotional process of ascertaining spirituality as I learn to carve it out of each varying day.  My work is often a response to resisting 'busy'.  I define 'busy' here as emotional, spiritual, and mental clutter.  I define 'clutter' here as anything kept around for reasons that do not serve my greater sense of peace and harmony.  I work through both my conscious and subconscious choices as well as their resulting circuitous paths in order to find the proverbial pot of gold - peace. It is a personal examination of myself as part and reflective of the greater spiritual whole.  I visually try to grasp the flux of our greater human condition through our shared and familiar emotions.  This often brings a visual mix of using abstract marks and punctuated realism. Abstract images often seem to me to evoke unrealized emotions.  I see my abstract work as I interpret instrumental music.  It is meant to be felt. There are no words to demand certain language and emotional triggers.  When I do include recognizable objects in my works, they play a more instructional role like the lyrics of music.