April 5-8  |  $420

Workshop Description

This workshop invites you into a unique process of exploring more creative ways of self-expression!  Jan will lead you in constructing your own mixed-media abstraction….combining aggressive textures and unusual mediums with various materials, including acrylic paint, acrylic inks and gels.

Jan, with more than thirty years as an art instructor and professional painter, continues her exploring an experimentation with the mediums. Her accomplishments in the art arena our many, working in commercial art, teaching in public schools, and teaching international workshops. Her studies include the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri and finishing her B.A. degree from Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado.

Jan’s focus in this workshop will be on layered and experimental art.  Learning to express unsuspected insights into the content of your work….using aggressive textures and unusual mediums.  The ability to bring the various “raw” pieces and layers of materials into their final stages, within the whole of a painting….this is‘accomplishment’….like discovering a new world!!   Come join us!!


Sedona artist jan sitts has a long and varied art career of over 35 years. Trained at the kansas city art institute, b.A. In art at western state college, gunnison, co. And accomplished in commercial and fine arts. She is an internationally known author and teacher. Her paintings can be found in public / private collections and has published two art books, “texture, color, feeling” and “its in the detail”. She teaches national workshops in her unique style of painting in mixed mediums and is sought out by collectors and students internationally.

Supply List

SUPPORTS - Two prestretched canvas 16x20. Yupo pad 9X12,1 sheet of 300lb. w.c. cold press paper devided into 1/4 sheets or something comproperable to arches.

ART TISSUE - 1 pkg. (white only) Found in larger art catalog supply  stores. Spectra is a good brand. 

ACRYLIC PAINT & INKS - Bring any acrylic paints, and acrylic inks. It  is not necessary to bring a large quantity of paints or inks. I prefer GOLDEN FLUID ACRYLIC PAINTS in small bottles 1”. Just a few acrylic inks. Golden will furnish acrylic paint samples. 

ACRYLIC ALL-PURPOSE BRUSHES - One and two inch synthetic flats. Artist Loft from Michaels are good. (flats come 3 in a pac) Bring some synthetic rounds (#4,6,7) also. 

ACRYLIC MATTE MEDIUM, ACRYLIC GEL MEDIUM, WHITE GESSO (I prefer GOLDEN ACRYLIC brand) Also a black ink or a black acrylic. TEXTURE TOOLS - Bring Anything you think would make good texture in your paintings, a few white rice paper scraps, and several stencils. 

DRAWING PENCILS - (caren d Arch, or Lyra ?) any soft colored pencils for mark making...just a few... 

EXTRA ITEMS - sketchbook for note-taking, rubber gloves, paper towels, small plastic palette knives,sissors, Paper palette or freezer paper (Walmart). 

There will be a variety of projects in this class, therefore expect changes in art materials or supports which are not on list. If this occurs, I will provide the materials with a possible $10.00 charge. 

Most items you might have,when traveling you can fit all of this in one medium size luggage and still still have some room..or ship!